Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Football Fans

This is a list of the top 10 items available to buy for football fans this Christmas.

 Maybe you need a gift for a dedicated groundhopper, a fair-weather supporter, a lifelong fan or someone who is new to the beautiful game. The gifts on this list are all unique and created by small /independent UK based brands and businesses who would really appreciate your support this Christmas, and you can guarantee your gifts will be made with love and care.

So a season ticket is out the window (let’s be honest it perhaps was a bit of a reach for most of us anyway!) and we haven’t really got anywhere but the sofa to be wearing the latest kit, but here are some things to wrap up and put under the tree to put a smile back on the face of football fans this Christmas. They range from £3 to around £40 and I really hope you find something useful in the list!

1 First on my list is a gift I *really* would quite like myself (hint for any close friends or family reading) Created by Oxfordshire based business ‘Maps International’ is this stunning A3 Scratch of 92 Football Grounds print. Perfect for the football fan who likes to Ground Hop, is a bit of an adventurer and is looking forward to and focussing on days when getting to games is no longer a thing of the past.

Available direct from their site here or searchable on £16.29

2. Now, this one is a real gem. I got one of these for myself earlier this year and think it is a really special momento from a challenging year.
Football scarves that support the NHS. 100% of the profits raised from the scarves will go towards providing Hospital workers with a variety of warm, easy to eat and delicious meals from local businesses. A gift that keeps on giving, and also…the designs are beautiful

They tend to do limited runs of these so you need to get in there quick.
You can pick up one of two designs from £19.99

3. I couldn’t make this list without adding this. A volume of songs entitled “You’re not singing anymore”
This is a collection of songs heard on and inspired by the football terraces!
I spent many months researching them, re-working them and talking to football fans to create this ode to the beautiful game and the art of terrace singing. Available on CD, this would be a perfect gift for any football (or folk!) fan to find under the tree on Christmas morning
Available to order from the below link for £10

4. This book just came across my radar, it will be hot off the press this Christmas and I am definitely adding it to my list. Here’s the pre-publication details…
In Get Your Head in the Game, Dominic Stevenson, a writer, player, coach, and lifelong football obsessive, interviews a diverse cross-section of characters in the football world, from fans to managers, from players at the start of their careers to retired veterans, women’s football stars, international celebrities, refugee footballers and mental health professionals. He uproots the connections between the sport and the mind, unpicking the subtle interplay between the two; telling the stories of personal battles both on and off the pitch, he touches on anxiety, depression, discrimination, trauma, identity and recovery.
Available from a wide range of booksellers, here is the Waterstones Link. £12.99

5 You can still pick up the football club edition Remembrance Poppy Pins
from giving a little something to a good cause at the same time as getting some Christmas shopping done. £4.99

6 These are really adorable, and a perfect way to football theme the traditional Chocolate Orange. “Crochet by JaneyBee” creates these cute football bobble hats for your orange (or bath bomb) along with some other lovely homemade gifts on her Etsy page. Hats are £3.00

7. These cards aren’t just for Christmas, they are for anytime you want to tell someone you love them more than that time Deeney scored. They have a whole football range, they also have a Christmas range too! Definitely worth a look for a slightly more unique take on your Christmas cards this year.

8 Another book for the list. This time by photographer Stuart Roy Clarke. This book really is quite special. I have never really owned a “Coffee table” book before, but this is so beautiful that I keep it out on display. It captures the intricacies of the beautiful game in such a unique way and the pictures springboard many a talking point.
Available from the below link £25

9 Team prints. “Good Team on paper” specialise in those classic Team Kit prints, they can create you almost anything but I really like their personalised options

“From Junior Football squads & School Rugby sides to local Cricket orders, we really can design any team, you tell us the line up and we will print & frame it for you. It might be Hartlebourgh United’s Under 11s  for the upcoming season, last years Dalton Year 9 cup winning side or little Al’s first ever team from 2011, it’s up to you, we will do everything we can to give you the print you want. Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, American Football, any team sports, just let us know”

Find out more of what they have available here. Personalised prints £26.

10. Ok, this one is getting adding here because it is one of my favourite books. I read it early on in my journey of falling for the beautiful game and the community, friendships, hardships, identity and sense of self that football had given to the writer stayed with me.
“Five-a-Side football is where you play the beautiful game for love, not money. You play it for life and you play it everywhere. Your kit is damp and your legs are a leopard’s back of bruises. Shirts are often tight around the belly, with your hero’s name plastered across your shoulder blades. The showers are too cold in winter and too hot in summer…This is a book for all of us – school mates, work colleagues, total strangers – bonded by the desire to blast one into the net from two feet away

Available from Waterstones for £9.99 (or do check in with your local booksellers)

11..Oh, ok so more than 10! Ok so this brings us to our final gift. And this one really isn’t an independent seller, small business or a unique Christmas gift. In fact, it is perhaps the most bought and most obvious gift but, hey…this one comes with a football twist….because, is it really Christmas if you aren’t arguing over monopoly?
There are several different versions available ranging from Premier League Teams to All Stars. They already seem to be sold out in places like Argos and John Lewis so your best bet is Ebay – or the individual club shops.

So ends my round up of the best Christmas gifts for a football fan, I really hope they were of some use to you. Although if you really want to go unique and homemade then I highly recommend making your own Table Football…which I found myself doing in early lockdown! You can see evidence of that at the below link

Making a Fussball Table

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Football Fans