February 2019

February has had sunshine and it has had snow. It doesn’t seem to know what’s going on. It also went by really quickly!

February started with a trip to see the Transatlantic Sessions at the Barbican, my friend Helen had a last minute spare ticket which she kindly gave to me! The sessions are a mixture of artists from both the USA and the UK. Molly Tuttle was the standout for me. I hadn’t heard her before so it was such a nice, inspiring discovery.

February also saw my first proper gig of the year out playing at Dan’s The Punch House Open Mic in Ware. It was a really lovely evening, filled with good music and good friends. This is my favourite snap from the night – we are right in the middle of singing Didi’s “F**K off” song 🙂
Thanks to Tony Birch for capturing the moment



February was also the month that saw my car go in for an MOT nnngh!, Lots of continued rehearsals with Said the Maiden (which reminds me I should post another Vlog!) and more ballet classes  (my New Year/New thing)

A standout weekend was the opportunity to travel to Southport to play at Love Folk Festival (Thanks to Neil and all at Fatea for that great opportunity) I got to stop off in Chester on the way and walk the ancient city walls, there was time in southport for chips at the end of the pier and then I went to Liverpool for some touristing – including my first trip to The Cavern Club! 🙂 Stopped off to see Granpa on the way home. Was a lovely weekend.
Thanks again go to Mr Tony Birch for capturing this snap from my set at Love Folk



I also saw The Stables who were, as usual, super playing some older material I had never heard before as well as stuff from the latest album, I roller skated lots, saw friends, went for lunch and ate too much falafel with Helen, Emma and Marian from the library, took my niece shopping and drank coffee in the LP cafe with my dear old friend Sophie

Another highlight was I had my first Josie Dear event. I had run a campaign to raise money to get musicians in to prisons and the first event was in recognition of LGBT+ History month. I bought Miri along for performances and a Q&A. We visited two prisons in one day and both sessions went well. I think Miri made a really great impact. Here is one of my favorite bits of feedback from the day.  It is a little blurry so it says..

“Would you like to see more LGBT events happening here?”

“Yes without doubt as it felt like I had a normal life again”


I am really pleased with the artists and events I have been able to line up with the funds that were raised and hope I’d be able to perhaps springboard the successes for his small campaign to go for some bigger funding in the future.

I have also been demoing my Football Ep as I go in to the studio at the end of March to start recording. I have been painting my kitchen which we started doing a makeover on in January – I sort of had this idea I would do a room a month as part of a New year overhaul but we are sneaking in to March now and I am still on the first room but nevermind. I have also been busy trying to introduce two new cats in to a house which already has a rabbit and a cat in it!! I know! It is going ok. Kind of.!

February 2019