January 2019

I stopped blogging so much, mostly because I started vlogging instead. However I really like having a blog I can look back on. I printed out my first year of blogs and put them in my memory box. I quite like the idea of being able to do that – it is even nicer if people do read and engage with the posts – so thank you so much if you are reading this.

So, I have made a few New Year’s Resolutions and one of them is to monthly blog. So here I am January 31st getting the first month down.

January started really well, surrounded by good friends at a small house party we welcomed in the New Year. I always make resolutions and find January has a nice “blank canvas” feel to it. I make a lot more resolutions than I keep but that’s by the by.

My first week of 2019 was full up with Music Technology teaching, the teacher I Job Share with had extended his time off over the Christmas/New year break so I got to take the class for a whole week for the first time. They were a new group as well and there was a *lot* of stumbling blocks and paperwork to unravel but I think I managed it. They are a really nice, and talented, group of guys so I am looking forward to working with them over the next few months.
I am doing a lot of learning on the job for this role and currently studying the Level 2 music tech course myself. It is quite nice to be learning alongside the men who come to the sessions, I am going in voluntarily a lot to try and learn as much as I can.

January 6th was my Nephew’s 13th Birthday! It is crazy he is now in to his teenage years! img_0382

I did the New Year thing of getting to the gym a lot more and I am hoping to keep this up. I am part of a Roller Derby league and have some fitness goals I really want to achieve this year. I also took up a Ballet Course which I am really enjoying. I hope it will help with my balance for Roller Derby! I am also really enjoying the music – we get to dance to ‘proper ballet music’ and it is all a lot harder than the ballerinas make it look.

I was also pretty pleased to be invited along to play at a lovely event at Watford Museum where I got to sing love songs for two hours straight surrounded by beautiful artwork! The exhibition is still showing, if you are near Watford I highly recommend it.

One of my favourite bits of January was working on a secret recording project which I can’t share right now but I have made a vlog all about it to share in due course 🙂

I also decided to set up my own charity.  It is in memory of my Grandma and I hope to run different campaigns and fundraisers to help spread a little joy now and then. The first fundraiser was to get more musicians in to prison settings. So many generous people donated and I am pleased to say I have already spent some of their money booking wonderful events – first one next month so I am sure to write about it in my next blog.
The fundraiser is still live if you would like to get involved/find out more at this link Josie Dear

I also ventured to my first Labour Women’s meeting. Another New Years resolution is to get more politically pro-active. They were a really nice group of people doing some great projects and I am going to be involved in their International Women’s Day celebrations in March which I am excited for.

I also got involved in a Street performance. Sue Hampton has written a short play about Climate change. I helped to put together a choir to sing the Extinction Rebellion song at the beginning and ending of the play. It was a great experience and I think the choir will be meeting again in the future to do more so watch this space.

Um another thing was I have set up this Creative Admin Club – we haven’t had our first meeting yet. It was inspired by a talk at the From Me to You conference. I plan on getting my creative friends together once a month to try and get some of our admin done – whatever that may look like – claiming PRS, emailing back clients, writing a blog?!, all those onliney things that can really help to spread your music, art, photography etc. to a wider audience but that you sometimes don’t do because you don’t find the time or you aren’t too sure – if you’re reading this, based near Hemel Hempstead and you maybe wanna join then give me a shout.

There’s been some other really lovely things happen but I am about to go and have a little glass of wine and a rest..it’s been a busy week and as the last day of January I think I can break my dry January right? But if you got this far – thanks for reading, please write back to tell me what you are up to, or link me to your blog if you have one.


Hope to see you sometime soon for a cup of tea or at a gig 🙂 x


January 2019