Germany and Luxembourg October 2017

I say to people “this tour has really snuck up on me. Where does the time go?” But that’s not entirely true. I’ve been all to aware that this tour was just around the corner and that I hadn’t really finalised plans and sorted things out for it. Somewhere between starting a new job, planning an album launch and all the other usual life things I was just running out of time. But I made it! Rushing around like a mad person last minute to get my guitar set up, pants packed and some rehearsals for the gigs done. I arrived at Zoe Konez’s place in London late on Monday night. I’m already 20 minutes late. She’s running later and zips round the corner on her scooter. Some instructions around where the bathroom is and which cat can’t be let out and then we sleep.

An early start to head to Germany awaits and we are both already tired! The comfiest nights sleep at Zoe’s house is followed by a smooth drive to Folkestone to meet Will and then we are on the train and headed on our adventure! -after picking up some snacks in the misleadingly named “99p max” Store.

First gig was for sound garden concerts. It was a great experience. I love

House concerts. I love the whole concept and old fashioned community feel of them.

Our host has made pumpkin soup and it is so wonderful! I feel like any attempts the germs have been making to attack me for this tour have been put in their place by this soup. Followed by a small glass of Mirabelle from the Black Forest.

It was lovely to meet everyone that night! We had such a great time, there were people from all over the place (Netherlands, USA) and of course the wonderful and supportive Ralf who did a 150km round trip to come and see me! Thank you!!!

Before leaving Duisburg we have a look at the Turtle and tiger sculpture 🙂

On to Cowhide concert! A place I’ve visited twice before and am so excited to get back to. The usual warm welcome from Dietmar, Karin and their family greets us.

We learn they’ve had quite a tricky time lately, many people may have thought to cancel but not these two. House concerts is what they do and they do it so well.

It’s always such a pleasure to be in their company. I hope to be back

One day soon

the adventures continued and it was probably one of my favourite tours! Düsseldorf via koblenz, a stop off with the Polizei, dinner in the amazing Soul food, lucky cents being given to us at a gig some exploring of Düsseldorf.

We then headed to a gig at Spirit of music, a one night stop and only a few hours to explore but this was my first trip to Luxembourg and it was so so beautiful. Maybe I can go back one day and explore a little more 🙂

Then a trip to cafe lichtung in Cologne with a wonderful audience who made us not want to leave, I’m sure we will be back again soon.

Such a lovely time with Zoe and Will. Until the next tour 🙂 xx

Germany and Luxembourg October 2017