Final blog of 2016 

My final blog of 2016 is a rough draft of a poem I sat and wrote this morning after my favourite superhero had visited me 🙂

Spending the morning with a superhero

6 months pregnant. She squats to the floor to be three year old height and plays the same imaginary game she’s played a zillion times. 

She doesn’t roll her eyes, or say “not now” or explain it’s hard for mummy to keep getting up and down. 

She asks about my day, my family, my job. We talk about New Years resolutions (because bringing a human life into the world isn’t enough) 

I ask her what it feels like when baby moves. Is it like being on a roller coaster? Does the whole world shake?
Yeh, it is actually, it’s just like that and it keeps me wide awake. 
And I wouldn’t have known. Because she never says and it never really shows. 

And I love playing with this one who has my superheroes face. But sometimes with a certain look that man is in her place.

They met when we were still in school. we joked he was the love of her life.
Seems he really was, but we didn’t know that at the time.

And we navigate the “do not touch” “be careful” and “that’s not a toy” 
As they enter into my totally unsuitable world. 

Where pets can’t be squeezed too tight and baubles can’t be pulled
off of trees.
My superhero navigates this terrain. To spend some time with me

Final blog of 2016