11 Months

One month away from a whole year of blogging!

After getting back from Ireland I had a week at home of working, gigging, hanging out with my pets, falling over on my skates…the usual, before heading to Looe for a week of rehearsals and a slot at Looe Festival with The Company of Players.

It was a lovely week, as bandmates we’ve all got to know each other a bit better, last time we met to write we had amazing times getting to know each other and a lot of fun, this time we all knew each other that bit better, and the living arrangements (caravans) meant we were all a bit closer all of the time, I think the physical closeness seemed to give us all permission to share more and be more real. I definitely left Looe feeling like I had bandmates, friends and now also people  who I could confide in and who could confide in me.

Looe was breath-taking. I’ve seen a snow covered lake in Iceland this year and a double rainbow in Ireland, so I kind of thought I’d had my share of beautiful places, but Looe was wonderful. I could have spent days there exploring and I hope to go back.
Swimming in the sea had to be one of my highlights of the year – I was terrified! 🙂

Here are some photos of our time…Lovely Looe


Alongside some lovely local gigs I have also headed back to The Den to do some recording with Lauren Deakin Davies. I am really enjoying the sessions and excited about the new songs. So far I have recorded one that I wrote almost a year ago while in Germany, one I wrote while I was in Calais, one I wrote when I was in Looe, and one which I wrote in my bedroom in Hemel Hempstead. I am not too sure how I am going to get them out or exactly where or when but I am excited 🙂


What else has been happening? Um I saw NFL at Wembley, caught some pokemon with my nephew, played a lovely gig supporting Ben Otowell, got a little promotion at work (woo), got a shiny new housemate which has taken our living arrangements to three ladies, a cat and a rabbit, I also went to see Astronaut Tim Peake on his return to earth tour, caught the amazing Aurora live in Cambridge,  Saw the new Brigid Jones movie with my Mum and pre-recorded  a show with Danny Smith from Radio Verulum (it goes out November 2nd)

Thanks for reading, I look forward to next month, my year anniversary blog.







11 Months