Ten Months


“Oh, my life is changing everyday,
In every possible way. And oh, my dreams, it’s never quite as it seems,
Never quite as it seems”


For a long long time I have had this little dream of travelling from Dublin to Galway, soaking up all the green of Ireland and all the wonderful music and visiting Thurles where my Nan was born. I wanted to learn to ride a motorbike, book a month off and travel the Wild Atlantic Way. I didn’t learn to ride a bike (yet) I only had six days off work but I thought “What if I never get round to doing this” so I travelled from Dublin to Galway, went along the south run of the Wild Atlantic way and visited my Granma’s birthplace in what turned out to be one of the best trips of my life! So that’s this blog’s little life lesson – if something’s worth doing, then perhaps it’s worth doing half assed and in a hurry than never getting round to doing it at all?!

I saw beautiful sites, heard wonderful music, chased rainbows, got so drenched in the rain I had to travel to the next destination in my underwear, didn’t see the Cliffs of Moher properly because the fog came, collected stamps in my Wild Atlantic Way passport, drank Guinness in Dublin, pulled my first pint, kissed the Blarney stone….had a really magical adventure.


Ten Months