Eight Months

I finally got round to editing up all the footage from  my UK tour.
Here be the links
UK Tour Part 1 – Sycamore Sykes

Uk Tour Part 2 – No King. No Crown.

UK Tour part 3 – Zoe Konez

I am currently working again with Colin Weston and the Independent Music Collective to put something together and I am excited to announce that soon. This will be my fourth tour working with IMC since November 2015 and I feel so happy that I’ve been able to do so much travelling around with my guitar. It doesn’t always go to plan, sometimes the nights are very quiet or maybe nobody really wants to listen, or I get lost or mugged (see earlier blog for details ha ha!) or I run really really low on money – travelling around can be expensive, but I always feel like I get to take something away from the place I have been and that I get to leave a little bit of my music behind which is a great feeling.

I’ve been writing so much this past 8 months, some of the songs I’ve played live because I get itchy and impatient to play them but there’s a big chunk lining up to form my next album/ep whatever it may be and I am really hoping to get working on this soon. Just need to put some money together to get back in the studio, so excuse me while I hibernate a little to put in the hours to raise the funds.

One gig missed my little video blog as it was kind of a few days after my tour – and the perfect way to end it. This was a gig for Andrew Turner as part of his Huxley House Concerts series. I was fortunate enough to share the night with Tom Speight whose CD has become a permanent fixture in my car since. Andrew and his family were beyond welcoming to me, the urban myths and legends you hear from other musicians who tell tales of how wonderful his hospitality, home and shows are, all turned out to be true.
Andrew is a true blue music fan, as a musician or a fan of music he is someone you’d be really worthwhile getting to know.
You may have to ask him to leave the room during your set though!!

My First Full length Album “Floundering” turned 1 year old on June 22nd. It was nice to have this blog to be able to look back on some of the things I have done in that past year so I shall definitely keep tapping away some nonsense here once a month.

A highlight of this past month also had to be the Birthdays! My wonderful friend Spinky celebrated her 33rd year, my good friend Dylan celebrated his 1st! and Caitlyn her 2nd (Both were thrown amazing parties by their parents and I feel super blessed I got to be at them) My good friend Clare also had a birthday but we still need to celebrate it because life just got too busy to actually find a moment to eat cake and drink wine together! My dear friend, confidante and producer extraordinaire Lauren Deakin Davies turned 21 and it was awesome to get to spend time with her and the extended Folkstcok Family celebrating

21!  When I was 21 I would have been in my last year of university. It is at this point that some of the bands I play with start to get tricky to hold together – everyone is growing up, moving on and doing their own thing. This feels, to me at the time, like an epic tragedy of unhealable proportions, but actually it is what led me to play songs with my good friends Clare and Charlot – and eventually when life wiggled and changed a bit more, to playing songs all alone, which turned out to be something I really love doing. So now when  I feel like I am in the middle of something which seems like the end I try to see it as the beginning, because it is the beginning, it just feels like the end sometimes.






Eight Months

One thought on “Eight Months

  1. My very dear Emily, thank you so much for your overly kind words.
    Without however our wonderful, committed, happy audience and (of course) the fabulous performers who come to play here and to break bread (and drink) with us the evenings would not be the great events they have become. I see myself as but a facilitator for I am dull beyond measure without everybody else attending.
    You will always be welcome to come back socially or professionally.
    One point I would make: I think the actual words you used on the evening were “Andrew (withering look), are you IN or are you OUT”**. It brought the house down, a flush to your cheeks, a belly-laugh to me and started off an evening of hugely enjoyable banter (aimed quite correctly at me in the main) and music.
    You were, quite simply, magnificent.
    Our dear friend Bill just adored being centre of attention in the from row when you sang Da Do Ron Ron’. Thank you. He and Jan had benn having a rough time and it was a huge tonic for their soul.
    All our love,

    **(And this was nothing to with ‘Brexit’ either)


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