Seven Months

The 8th of June would have been seven months since I left  my Job of ten years and embarked on some new adventures. Up until now I had done a fine job of blogging monthly on the 8th to log what I have been up to. But time has just been passing in a haze!
This was mostly down to me heading out on my first UK tour! Which was a great experience, I learnt a lot about myself, other artists, the UK music scene and gigging in general. It was great fun, but also really hard work too as things didn’t always go to plan and fall in to place ( I shall maybe form my thoughts and save all that for another blog) Needless to say I ended the tour with my heart full up of this beautiful country and the wonderful people that can be found in it.
I took lots of photos and video and have been editing it all together.
Here is the first part. Hope you like it. I am working on the next instalment now 🙂 xxx

Tour Blog: Part 1

Seven Months

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