Six months…


“We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.” – Willy Wonka

Just yesterday I was speaking to one of the prisoners I work with about time. He was saying how he remembers being sentenced to six years and he couldn’t even process what that amount of time really  meant. To just have to take this chunk out of his life. He said, at the time, it felt like being told you were going to die 6 years earlier than destiny had planned for you. That 6 years were just going to be taken away and you’d never get them back. Now just 18 months from release he says the time has flown! I said “Surely that is a good thing?!” he said “No, not really, not if this is how fast time is always going to move, because I’ve got so much to do to get things back to how they were, and I am not sure there is enough time”

Having started a monthly blog and now being on the 6th one – I’ve got that weird thing time does to you when you your “old life” feels just like it was seconds ago but at the same time it feels like a lifetime away.  I feel like “I shouldn’t be sat here writing a blog on the internet, I should be off somewhere experiencing life” but this past year has actually been one of the hardest of my little life yet and being able to look back on things has helped in some ways, it’s made me realise that even though it doesn’t feel like it I am moving on, which is all we can really do when life offers us a tricky hand. Learn from it and crack on.

My Granma, who has been a little unwell of late, referred to her illness in this way the other day

“He (God) looked down and he thought “Ahh our Josie you’ve been having a little too much fun” and so he handed me this packet. And I’ll manage it. I’ll manage it”

She also said “You can tell you are a pretty girl still, even with the braces” So, you know, words of wisdom abound at all times from that little one.

But what she said was helpful. You do have to take stock and get perspective on things.
Regardless of the “Packet” you’ve been given. You can manage it 🙂

S0 now I’ve got that whimsical stuff off my chest this last months adventures….

The Company of Players had their first outings to be part of the celebrations for Shakespeares birthday in Stratford Upon Avon and also headed to Bristol Folk Festival. We were all a little apprehensive I think (apart from Sam, who doesn’t seem to be phased by things, or if he is does a good job of holding it all together for the rest of us) We had a few technical issues (There’s 10 of us! So I think the sound team worked wonders really) but we were well received and all really enjoyed the day and left buzzing!  Chris Dobson took some lovely shots of us in Bristol and you can have a look here… Players!

It was also lovely to travel to Bristol and back with Kelly Oliver. It’s been great getting to know all the musicians better and spending time with them. I am looking forward to our trip to Settle together this Friday.

The Sunday after heading back from Bristol, I had my Roller Derby Fresh Meat Graduation! You can read all about it here…a blog within a blog #Inception Minnie the Minx
Followed by a beautiful night at the Green Note where I got to play a night curated by Blue Monday – one of, if not THE, best promoter in London Town. I was snapped here by the lovely PJ Photography who seems to have captured a good side of what was a really tired Minnie that night!



I also attended a special party for Radio Superstar Nia Visser. Nia is a wonderful supporter of our local music scene in Watford and surrounding areas and has run her own show Raw Vibes – showcasing local talent for the last 5 years!! She held a special party to celebrate five years and also her moving on to new radio adventures (Good Luck!!)  I got an award which was rather lovely too and now has pride of place on my bookshelf!!!

Time was then filled with work, more work, visiting friends, celebrating my nieces birthday, pretending to be a ghost, going to the movies, staying up late, writing songs and plotting, planning and scheming for my upcoming tour. I have become the bane of everyones inboxes. Trying to get support to help promote my gigs around the UK. And so many people have helped out with playing tracks on local radio shows, listing it in local “What’s on” guides, putting up posters, spreading the word. And Now we are just a week away from tour.

So next time I check in with the blog, I hope to have lots of tales from the road.

Thanks for reading. Was another long one 🙂 xx


Six months…