The Fourth Month


It is March already, and it was actually feeling very “springy” here in Hemel Hempstead. The last few days have been bright and sunny. But this morning we have a little snow falling. March can’t really decide what it wants to do. I like March. I see where she is coming from. You don’t have to know what you are doing to be a good month (or person!)  A little from column A and a little from Column B.

So here is a little of what I have been up to since my last blog…

I was invited by my friend Liz to go to Tring school and judge their House Music competition. It was a really lovely evening, the students were all really talented and it was hard to pick out winners. There was an amazing acapella arrangement of a Justin Bieber song which blew us all away – and turned me in to a true Belieber! 🙂

It was really exciting to see how much the school supported music and how encouraging  all the teachers were. There were some great musicians at the school and it was a real honour to get to spend a night watching them perform.

tring music school


Playing a couple of “Loved theme” songs at Watford’s ‘The Dial up’ was a highlight to this month too. This is a regular night in town, run by my good friend Alex, but I hadn’t had a chance to get along for a while. It was nice to see people, and also to discover the Attico Arts Centre in Watford – a bit of a hidden gem – if you’ve not been and you are near Watford I would recommend it 🙂

Other musical adventures have included taking a trip to visit Martin at his Cream Room Studios to record an interview for his Podcast series – not up yet but I’ll be sure to share the link. I was also fortunate enough to work with the Promoters at “The Pad Presents” to play a couple of gigs opening for Kirk Brandon. He played two fantastic sets and each night the crowd were very welcoming. My show at the Portland Arms was my favourite. Lovely venue, warm crowd, sold some CDS and the lovely Paul Lyme was there to take some photographs. You can see his work at this link

Kirk Brandon

I also visited BBC3CR to perform on Justin Dealey’s Breakfast show. I performed a version of my song ‘Floundering’ and also my cover of Bjork.
You can hear me having a chat and singing my song at about 1:53 and then again my cover at about 2:53. (This link will time out eventually so sorry if you are finding this and clicking this and it doesn’t work!)

This month also saw the arrival of a new housemate at my place! Twinkle the cat. I got in touch with the Blue Cross cat rehoming shelter thinking that I would “just have a look” and “find out how rehoming a cat works” two weeks later I had my very own little cat. She was really nervous at first but is now settling in well, causing trouble, crying at 4am, that sort of thing.
She is quite a tiny little cat, having been a stray who had her own kittens a bit too early, she is likely to always stay a little dinky and be a little nervous…look at how very cute she is! She is super company and doesn’t seem to mind my singing…which is good, because she is going to hear it a lot.


I was also fortunate to pick up a weeks work with Watford Arts Council. Working as an assistant to Playwright Rachel Barnett. We worked with a group of year 5 students to help them write their own plays. It was a fun few days over half term of creative games and writing activities and the plays they all came up with were so imaginative and wonderful. I hope they never ever lose that 10 year old ability for creating wonderful things 🙂
The plays are all going to be performed by students at Watford College in April. I can’t wait to see them.

Alongside this I have been up to the usual songwriting, teaching guitar, playing football, embarking on some spring cleaning and decorating, still trying to stand upright on my Derby skates, working on the Storybook Dads Project at the local prison – where I have also been helping out a little in the recording studio too.  Spending time with my lovely friends and family.

I’ve been given a job working two days a week in the prison library. This is such the dream job for me. It means I get to be in the prison more and this should help with getting to know people and developing the charity project I run there further, it means I also get to keep using my library skills and it will feel really good to be back in the library world as I miss it so much! – oh and money, it will also be good for money. This month isn’t looking too good for money. The car is in the garage and the roof of my house is leaking!! eeeek 🙂

I have also been finalising the poster for my UK tour in May/June and look forward to sharing that 🙂

I’ve found doing a monthly blog is a really good way to remind myself that I am doing stuff with my days ad that time goes fast so you have to use it up because it will pass anyways even if you aren’t ready for it to.
I am not sure if anyone out there is reading the blogs but if you are I’d be interested/nosey to know what you’ve been up to aswell 🙂

Speak soon





The Fourth Month