The third month


Three months since leaving my job as a Children’s Librarian and embarking on some sort of midlife adventure crisis 🙂

This month I headed down to the Lost Horizons Folk and Acoustic Club at the Birkbeck Tavern.  Run by the amazing Paul and Trish. They’ve faced some serious challenges this year but continue with these amazing nights which take a lot of time and effort to put on. I’ve played for them at their night in London and in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. They work tirelessly to create wonderful nights of music. They are so passionate about music. They do it because they want to spread that feeling that they get from live from music. You can actually feel how much they enjoy live music, how important it is and how it can unite us. They are one offs. They are irreplaceable, inspiring people and I am lucky to know them. Matthew The Ox was playing and he put on a great show. I’ve been playing his album on repeat since seeing him in December.

I got to take a trip to BBC Three Counties to play my new song out on the radio. It was a really nice session. I was able to play with Lauren Deakin Davies. I love the chance to play with Lauren. I take her my little songs and say “Can you sing/play something on this” and she’ll maybe listen through once and by the end she’ll be playing along the most perfect part – she’s so exciting to work with. Making music is wonderful. Making music with your best friend, that is even better 🙂


This month I also experienced my first Wassail in Croxley Green.  A traditional folk event which was a ritual designed to help the trees produce a good crop of fruit (to help make cider!) There are different elements to wassailing.  my favourite part (other than tripping through the park with one of my best friends in the dark) was singing a traditional Wassailing song

Here’s to thee, old apple tree,
That blooms well, bears well.
Hats full, caps full,
Three bushel bags full,
An’ all under one tree.
Hurrah! Hurrah!

This month two of my best friends got married.  Spinky has been one of my closest friends for the longest of times. She’s been a bandmate, housemate and a soulmate. There for me for some of the best and trickiest bits of growing up. She is a constant source of inspiration always remaining so true to who she is on the inside and out. Never following the easy path. She is either rocking out in one of her bands (The Mariana Hollow or Kingbreaker ) or casually running marathons. She means the world to me and it meant a lot to be able to be her bridesmaid and to get to sing at her wedding.
The wedding was the most fun day and Adam and Spinky were glowing with happy – you know the kind you only get when you realise another human totally and utterly gets you, has your back and is going to be there for you no matter what? yeh, they have that glow. Sickening 😉

Here I am after the Make up artist worked some amazing bridesmaid magic!

I also started a Fresh Meat course with Herts Roller Derby. I was inspired by my friends Gemma & Nicky who are both rather awesome Roller Girls to give this a go. I wasn’t actually as bad as I thought I would be and am really excited to get more training in.
My mum isn’t too keen on it but you get lots of padding, a helmet and a mouthguard. It’s a good look 🙂

So this month has been full of some great stuff but the best adventure was heading to Iceland with my good friend Jess. It was such a wonderful trip. I made a little video of our adventures.
You can have a look at this link – also features a new cover song  – hope you like it


This month I also got to play football, meet with old work friends, celebrate my Mum’s birthday, spend time with the wonderful Colin Weston who has been helping me to book another tour (thanks for dinner Colin!!), saw some Ice Hockey, met a rather important young lady, played a gig in a Gym of all places for IAM Henley with No Coward Soul, stayed up far too late to watch the Superbowl (wasn’t too sure what was going on but got to have a LOT of snacks and share it with some of the best company ever)

The next month has a lot to live up to.


The third month