The first month…


It has officially been a month since I left my job of 10 years as a Young People’s Services Librarian. It was definitely time to move on to a new adventure. I always knew I wanted to make sure I left my job before I actually wanted to really leave, if that makes sense? Good to go out on a high and all that. However, it made it one of the hardest things to do, because I am still totally in love with the world of Libraries, the wonderful people I worked with and the boss I worked for. It was a dream job. A job I set my eyes on wanting when I was quite young. I was hell bent on getting it, I interviewed for it four times, I gained three degrees, did a ridiculous amount of work experience, volunteering and interning – past me can’t imagine that one day future me would willingly leave. But I have.
When I looked back at the past 18 months of my life I knew that Library stuff was getting in the way of other passions, of music mainly, and of running my charity project. Also, the beauty of hindsight showed me that trying to work full time, be a full time musician and run a charity hadn’t left much space for love. So, sadly, I can tell you this. If you don’t make the space and the time for love, you will find that love runs out of space and time for you – don’t let that happen. You’ll learn from it, sure, it is always nice to learn from our past, but you will regret it, so don’t do that. Make time – you can trust me, I used to be a Librarian.

Anyways this was the first month of a life uncatalogued 🙂

Saturday 7th November. My final day of work and my leaving party. So overwhelmed by my beautiful friends and family for being there. I couldn’t believe the efforts they made with their costumes. My heart hadn’t felt that full in ages. Special mention to my  Husk Days friend Mike Brooks for travelling so far to surprise me, to my University friend James Dalby for travelling really, really far also surprising me and bringing me to happy tears, my old boss Marie Staunton – she gave me my first ever professional library post, my neighbours Rita and George for being there, because sometimes even when you live in a cul de sac in a nice town it can feel like you don’t know anybody 🙂

My wonderful Mum and Dad as Mr and Mrs Twit.


Sunday 8th. Had a hangover. Watched a football match went to Global buffett – not sure when I turned in to my brother but it has happened.


Week 1. This week was spent mostly in prison. Leaving the library and wrapping everything up to do that had taken a lot of work which meant that the little charity project I run had taken a backseat and needed some TLC. It felt great to be there without having to rush off and do other things. It felt great to take the time to just to talk with the men about their families and their lives.  I hadn’t realised how much it had been getting me down to not be able to give this project the time it deserved. I am excited for how it can develop over the next few months.

Week 2 and a bit of 3
My first tour in Europe. Organised by my good friend of the Independent Music Collective, Colin Weston.
I took hours of footage which I will be turning into something soon so all I will say for now is that I had really high expectations for Germany. I am a tiny bit obsessed with Brothers Grimm and had grand ideas of this being the most romantic place in the world full of magic and danger and bravery. It totally exceeded everything I had hoped for. I fell in love with every place I went and did not want to leave. I made some of the best friends and I can’t wait to return.

The last few days have been full of
Gigs – beautiful Winchester with the wonderful Sandtimer, a bucket list gig at St Pancras Old Church with Kelly Oliver and Ange Hardy, a librarian’s Dream at the Big Comfy Book shop with Matthew the Oxx and Little Sparrow.
Teaching guitar to the loveliest pupils who bring light to my days with their great conversations:
Me: “Have you had much chance to practice this week?”
Her: “No. Because I have been very busy writing my Christmas list and learning to do the splits”

Visiting my Aunt and Uncle.
Visiting my Nan and Grandad
Seeing my friends and their babies
Writing a new album
Seeing an old friend
Playing football
Making plans *exciting ones*
Having adventures!

So far. So good. I’ve got this

“I’ve packed up all my things and I have walked through a river deep so I do not come just to talk”







The first month…